First Oasis Event

Today the Nova Phoenix Corps logged on for their first Oasis event. This was also our first event after being banned on Club Penguin Online. We maxed 4 and averaged 3.4.

Ulysses Nardo


Out of Darkness

Hello NPC, today we logged on to Club Penguin Online for the last time. For some reason everyone that had logged on was banned forever. Currently we don’t know what caused this, although it may be involved with the banning of RPF. For being only a 6 minute event, it went well. We maxed 7 and averaged 5.3. Our tactics were good too. I’m very proud NPC, if we hadn’t been banned this could’ve been an amazing event, evidence the merge has proved well for us so far. We will be working on where to operate now. Seize the Night!



Nova Phoenix Corps

The Pizza Federation

Yesterday, on August 12th, 2018, the High Council of the Federation came to the conclusion it would be best for the army to merge into the Nova Phoenix Corps. As you probably know, this topic has been brought up before, and the offer to merge has been declined multiple times by Federation leadership. This time it was different, however. Chelpopkick, our Grand High Pizza made the decision that soon he would be completely leaving the community, and unbeknownst to most of you I had planned on resigning from Pizza Federation very soon. This, added with the fact we removed 3 high council members from their positions recently, we decided it would be hard for this army to continue with the high council consisting of leader, and second in command. Nova Phoenix Corps was having similar issues, as it was being threatened with losing not only its leader, but also many…

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Seize the Night, NPC,

Today, August 11th, 2018, the Templars decided it was best to declare war on us, for an invalid reason. I will explain why.

Invalid War

The Templars thought the Nova Phoenix Corps created the Treaty of Falls. Instead, the Treaty of Falls was actually created by me and to protect the server of “Falls” on Penguin Falls Reborn, the current CPPS most armies use. So I created this treaty to protect the only server from capture. They declared war on us for no actual reason other than aparently us wanting to build a great empire. Instead, if you did not know, I DMed all of the leaders of every army. Including Ray, and I didn’t even make it with Ray. 


I decided to speak to Elmikey about this issue. He claimed that Templars owned the server and it’s open to everyone. Okay, but that is what the treaty is, which was my response. He then went on to say he doesn’t play nations, which why do you own it then? After that he said that nations ruined armies and I asked the same thing. AND FINALLY he claimed that NPC want’s it, but instead the treaty wants it.

The treaty was created to protect the server from capture, because at any moment the Templars can raid any army attending an event there. So instead of someone owning it, it’s to prevent any owning and conflict of that server. Armies can still have practice battles, trainings, etc, so I honestly don’t know whats up with them.

None the less we accept this war and will show them how flawed their Casus beli and reasoning’s are. We will show who is really latin.


Cobra, NPC 2ic and Romans former-leader

Glory Begets Glory – 8/11/2018 [Results]

Nova Phoenixes spreading love with the homies at the Berg, 2018, colorized.

In today’s GLORIOUS adventure,

We kept up our improvement game NPC, and I couldn’t be prouder! Today for our US event, we logged onto Alaska and reported to the Iceberg, where we maxed 7! Just like our earlier EU event, we performed tactics beautifully. We also tipped the Berg! Then, we moved to the Plaza, where we continued to max 7 and perform tactics, before logging off.

Let’s keep on improving, NPC. Be on the look out for this week’s Operation: Road to Glory, soon to come!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

Comment below if you attended!

— Ray

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On the Path to Glory – 8/11/18 [Results]

Seventh Hokage of Konoha, Uzumaki Naruto, ministering the marriage of penguins Cobra IV and Chelpopkick, 2023, colorized.

Welcome back to another great post, NPC!

Today we held a training session on Flurry. We logged on and reported to the Town, where we maxed 5, an improvement from our previous max of 2. Things started to look up even more, however, when we all performed tactics beautifully, and with striking conviction. It honestly touched my heart. Later, we fart-bombed the Ski Village, performed more tactics, and managed to recruit two new members, skeliguin66 and clecult, to the NPC!

This is improvement, NPC! Let’s keep walking on this path to glory! Seize the Night!

Read more to see pictures of the event.

Comment below if you attended!

— Ray

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Training Session 2 – 8/8/18 [Results]

Good evening, NPC.

Today’s US event on Flurry was a bit different from our normal training sessions. We logged on and reported to the Iceberg, where we joined some rogues in tipping the Berg, tried recruiting them, performed tactics, and ended up helping the rogues tip the Berg. Then, we J-bombed the Beach and performed a few tactics there before ending it early due to a low turnout.

There’s going to be some changes around here very soon, NPC. Look forward to them.

Comment below if you attended!

— Ray