Training for Friday

Hello troops. Today we logged on to train for the big operation coming on Friday, Operation: Goodbye Oasis, where we will go around the island of Oasis saying goodbye. We maxed 5 and averaged 4. Comment if you attended!

Ulysses Nardo


Operation: Pizza

The operation today was a major success. Good job troops! We averaged 7 and maxed 10. Today, we proved that no matter how low we get, we can rebound. Keep it up! As promised, a CPPS poll will be out soon. Here’s to a successful future! Read on for pictures.

Ulysses Nardo

Out of Darkness

Hello NPC, today we logged on to Club Penguin Online for the last time. For some reason everyone that had logged on was banned forever. Currently we don’t know what caused this, although it may be involved with the banning of RPF. For being only a 6 minute event, it went well. We maxed 7 and averaged 5.3. Our tactics were good too. I’m very proud NPC, if we hadn’t been banned this could’ve been an amazing event, evidence the merge has proved well for us so far. We will be working on where to operate now. Seize the Night!